Mason Jar Snow Globes with Gold Dinosaurs


My husband was working crazy hours over the holidays so I had to find fun ways to fill my time on a cold wintery day. I am Jewish by blood, and my husband is Christian, so he is slowly but surely getting me into the holiday spirit and what better way to start with holiday decor than to make snow globes!!! I of course tend to like untraditional decor, especially since I did not grow up with typical Christmas decorations.  I have a love for all things gold, so I went with my first thought,  mason jar snow globes with gold spray painted dinosaurs!

Let’s Get Started:

1. Spray paint the dinosaurs gold and let dry for a few hours to a day.
2. Set out the tops of the mason jars so they are ready for action.
3. Grab some molding clay and mold two half circles (one for the dinosaur and one for the trees).
4. Prop up the dinosaur and trees on the clay and position them (make sure that they fit nicely once the jar is placed on top).
5. When everything is in place, glue the clay to the jar top, the trees in the clay and the dinosaur to the clay.
6. Fill the mason jar with water and add a few drops of Glycerin.
7. Finally add the fun with some fake snow, sparkles and/or iridescent snow flake sprinkles!


Mason Jar Snow Globes with Gold Dinosaurs

Continue reading for the list of supplies and more photos!


Supplies Ya’all:

1. Mason jars large and/or small (found mine at AC Moore)
2. Small toy dinosaurs
3. Small toy trees
4. Molding Clay
5. Glue (I used, E600, best stuff everrrrr and you can find it at any craft store even Walmart!)
6. Glycerin (I found a small bottle in the baking section at AC Moore crafts)
7. Fake snow, glitter and/or iridescent snow flakes (I used all three)


Tell me your thoughts!

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