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A friend of mine posted this quote the other day which was amazing because this is exactly why I started this blog. The past year and a half, after a bittersweet move to Boston with my Husband for his Surgical Residency program (bittersweet because he has given his life to medicine for the next 6 years working easily over 100 hours per week with maybe 4 days off a month if he is lucky), I have felt stuck. Stuck in my own mind of my have nots and can nots. My passions, goals, and lust deflated from me gradually with each snow drop of the harsh Boston winters. I felt like Tarzan in the jungle, swinging by a rope yelling at the top of my lungs. Then it hit me, I can sit and wallow in my own pity and hatred for my situation, or I can do something about it, grow, and learn about life.

I have always been a planner, even planning a step ahead of my own plan. But I no longer have the control to plan. My husband is in a six-year residency training program and I cannot plan where we go after that, I can only hope he gets a good offer somewhere magical and warm. I could not plan moving to Boston, we were told. I cannot control the winter and the snow even though I am a sun baby. I am that person living in New England who does not even eat seafood, which means that cooking has become my new favorite thing to do.  

I also discovered what it was like to try to find a job in your career field in a city where you have no connections, you did not go to school in, and frankly no one cares or really wants to hire you. I was a teacher, Kindergarten and First Grade, and I took it for granted thinking it would always be there for me to go back to when I needed. However, sometimes life has its own plan for you and that plan can be more beautiful and glorious then your own plan. So far life’s plan has started treating me pretty well and I am going to keep trusting life to send me on the adventure that it is. I am only me, myself, with my passions, skills and goals, and with that, self-determination, hard work, and risk, I don’t need a plan, I can just go and be ME.

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  1. Love this, Dani. Thank you for the reminder that we can control so little in life, but what we can control makes all the difference in the world: our attitude and where we choose to place our focus. Onward and upward and cheers to a thousand beautiful Plan B’s that make our Plan A look unimaginative and boring in comparison.



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