Inspirational Quote of the Day

You Are Exactly Where You Need to BeMy husband and I just watched the movie, About Time, with Rachel McAdams and not gonna lie, we were bawling our eyes out. Not from sadness, but from being so inspired by the joys and happiness that one can create in life. Each moment can be looked at as the best moment in the world! And if you believe that you have arrived, then you are able to stop rushing to get to wherever you think you are supposed to be, and you can finally enjoy the ride.

Here is how I want to live as if I am exactly where I should be…..

1. Be proud of myself every day for just living and being ME.

2. Smile at people as I walk by, just because I can!

3. Be thankful for it all….even the first sip of my warm morning tea.

4. Instead of comparing myself to others, list in my mind all my unique qualities, skills, and interests!

5. Think about how precious each moment is.

Comment below on how you are going to live your life as though you are exactly where you need to be, and help me add to my list. 

Tell me your thoughts!

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