It’s a… boy/girl????

So silly me, before we purchased our tripod, we tried to set up our camera on top of books and take photos and videos of us opening this box together. Of course that didn’t work out! So here is my video recreation without us in the picture.

However, to tell you a little about the actual box opening:

We wanted to make this moment special and so we opened the box of balloons via Skype with both of our families. We both have ZERO family members who live in Boston but it was just so important for them to share this moment with us. So there in Erie, PA where the hubby is from, his Parents, Brothers and their Wives gathered together and awaited our Skype call! My Dad and Sister were working late that night but we just couldn’t wait so we gathered my family in Philadelphia later via Skype (sorry MOM) and opened the box again!

It was pretty funny since everyone thought we were having the opposite of what we are having so we were all celebrating in complete surprise!!! AND of course one of the first things that comes out of my husbands mouth was, “YES, SOMEONE TO WATCH SPORTS WITH!!!” ….gotta love him.

Tell me your thoughts!

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