Babymoonin’ in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!

Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump! It’s funny how sometimes when you try to control things, nothing works out, but the very moment you let go, things just seem to fall into place. Desires and wants place you on your initial path, then life has its own ideas and path for you, and each moment seems to build on the last, eventually creating what becomes the life you are living.

I have always been one to try to plan everything out to the exact precise manner of what perfection would look like and feel like to me. Sometimes when I try to have too much control over things, I fall flat on my face and NOTHING works out. But recently, I have been leaving my life up to who I consider my Higher Power, God (We all have our own beliefs so thats why I mention my Higher Power, since others may have a different one). After going through some really difficult times last Fall, I have decided to put my trust in Him and ask Him to help guide me and let go of that intense need for control that can take over my mind and body, and allow Him to lead my life.

So, why I mention this is because this vacation was planned in a pretty spectacular manner. My husband gets three weeks vacation time each year. His work years starts in the summer, and so his vacation weeks are determined for him the summer before each year starts. He does not have much say, but can put in requests and reasons for his requests and just hope for the best. We knew that we wanted to get away sometime in the Spring from the harsh winters we can have in Boston (especially this year, by golly gee whiz!) and so his program granted us this past week off. We were not pregnant at the time of the request, nor did we know when we would be, but we had been trying and hoping and trying and hoping.

I had always dreamed of going on a babymoon and having that one last vacation, with the babe in the belly and my husband and I together before that baby is born. How magical and spectacular that this very week I hit 23 weeks, which is a week away from that six month mark.  My belly had just popped, and it just so happens to be a highly recommended time in pregnancy to go on a babymoon if so desired. I literally am sitting here tearing up, thinking of how much last summer I had wanted to be pregnant and how it was taking me longer than I had wanted and how I had just wished, wished so much that this very vacation we just went on, would in fact be our babymoon. Here it is, this exact vacation was our babymoon! And there it was, God working his magic. I had no control over when I got pregnant (all I could do was try) and I put my faith in him for everything working out in the way that He had planned for me. I guess we had similar plans!

Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun Mexico (highly recommend!):

Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!

I also wanted to give some time to reflect on just matters of life. How sometimes as women, getting pregnant just seems to happen, but sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Either we can’t get pregnant, can but with the help of certain aids, or lose a baby to a miscarrage, maybe even lose the baby in birth or lose a child after birth. As I document my journey, others  journeys of experiences are not forgotten and held close to my heart as a woman. I value celebrating something joyous and beautiful, but at the same time having a heart that is compassionate and understanding, and an open heart to listening. We all have our own journeys and we can find strength in each other, as well as ask for strength from one another. Life is beautiful, but it is not always peachy. I am so thankful and happy to celebrate this beautiful moment with everyone and add a Speck of Yellow. However, just like any human, I need those Specks of Yellow and that strength too, because there are times when things are black, blue and grey. This post is my Yellow and I hope that it brings hope and sunshine to your day as well, maybe even strength that life works in unpredictable ways! Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!

23 Week Baby Bump:

This little guy is the size of a PAPAYA or a GRAPEFRUIT depending on which website you look at and weighs 1 pound! He can hear the world… so yep time to start singing, reading, and talking to him.  It’s amazing to think that a human is growing inside of my belly. I am two humans in one! Sometimes I like to hug my belly at night and pretend I am hugging him. We are just so excited and in love with this little miracle God has given us to raise. And good news, I finally got my energy back for cooking so some yummy recipes will be making an appearance soon! 

Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!The hubby always seems to make me laugh harder than anyone!

Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!Babymoonin' in Mexico #23WeekBabyBump!


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