Monthly Highlight: Meet Shafia

Sometimes we all get in a fashion rut, well not this girl. This funky fashionista can inspire a tad pole! From her rocker chic style down to her last accessory…please feel free to be inspired!

1. SO, who is Shafia?  She is this girl, below……..raised in Miami, lived in NYC and recently moved to Boston!

Creative Feature: meet Shafia

You can find her working at LF on Newbury Street, styling everything from mannequins to anything that walks, adding a splash of coolness to everything she touches. She is the go to girl for finding out who people are, what looks good on them, and making it all come together in an outfit that makes you feel like a rock star!

I was honored to sit down and interview my friend, style guru, and fashion inspiration. See below to learn more about what makes this girl rock, her essential items, and of course some AMAZING PHOTOS! 


What are your everyday essentials?

This pic above pretty  much sums it up! Wondering what that necklace looking thing is? It’s a Falling Whistle, a necklace that symbolizes being a whistleblower for peace. Find more info about the necklace HERE. The sunglasses are from American Apparel, super rocker! The hat is from Urban Outfitters, find it HERE!

Who are your style icons, why?

“My icons are a crazy mixture of Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Leandra Medine (author of fashion blog called, Man Repeller), and Chaira Ferragni! Audrey Hepburn always dresses so classy and chic. Kate Moss is just herself, she dresses like she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her which is so rad, she’s just an inspiration. Leandra Medine has the best fashion blog I have ever seen and her style screams perfection, her head to toe look is always drool worthy. And lastly, Chiara Ferragani’s style is very rocker chic, she’ll always rock an amazing pastel dress and throw a leather jacket and sneaks.”

What are some hot items in your closet right now?

Pretty much what she is wearing above…

Boyfriend jeans: Carmar boyfriend jeans from LF
White tank: Emma and Sam knit tank from LF
black bralette
Boots: Jefferey Cambell
Fadora from Urban Outfitters (See above for link)
Falling Whistle (see above for link)


What Music/Bands inspire your swagger?

“I like a mix of all different types of music which completely explains my style! I’ll take a little country music like Jason Aldean, and Tim MgGraw with that feel of going to a country concert wearing cowboy boots and a relaxed vibe. But then for example I am going to see Kings of Leon this weekend and I’ll be sporting a rock look with black wax leggings, a vintage ACDC T-shirt, my leather jacket with spikes, and black leather boots. I have a love for Indie Rock right now too like The XX, m83, and Lana Del Ray. This would explain the hippie side of my style like when I wear a flowery dress but I always add some rock and roll to my look.”


What’s your style advice?

“Just express yourself however that may be to you. Fashion to me is my way of expressing myself and being who I want to be while at the same time, not worrying about what others think of how I look. Being able to style yourself and wear what you want speaks volume to who you are and allows you to embrace your confidence. Be confident in what you wear. When you wear an outfit that makes you feel good, your confidence shines through. You are your own personal stylist and rock what you wear and have fun!”


What are your fashion must-haves for any girls closet?

“Leather jacket (her jacket is by the designer, Kore), skinny jeans, booties, sun dress, a big fun purse, and some funky sunglasses.”


Where do you find your inspiration for style? 

“The blog I mentioned earlier, Man repeller, is my favorite way of getting my inspiration. I follow Chiara Ferragni on instragram  and her blog,; she has a rocker chic style going on. I also love Vogue magazine, and always keep my eye out for what Blake Lively and Sienna miller are wearing.”

IMG_2704Photos by: ME!

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