35 Minute Run Mix: keep going

30 min run mix: Keep Going

I exercise because it gives me strength, emotional and physical.  Whatever situation I am faced with, I compete with myself to be stronger, push through, and keep going. I made this playlist to help push myself and crank up my 3 mile run to a 4 mile run! I may feel like giving up, I may feel overwhelmed or exhausted, but I can find strength to keep going and make it just a little longer and in the end, it will all be worth it.

I just downloaded this amazing app called, Map My Run, which tracks your running route, distance, and average pace!!!!!! Um..amazing right?  I also learned from this app that I run between 8-9 minutes a mile, which is pretty good but I can still push harder and keep going.

See below for my playlist that I’m going to use to push that extra mile, and for you all to use to rock out, keep going, and have fun! And for those running the Boston Marathon…..21 days!!!!

Click on the songs below to hear them on YouTube or look for direct access to this playlist by following me on Spotify under Dani Sieber.

1. Got It All (This Can’t be Living Now) by Portugal, The Man
2. Hollywood (feat. Penguin Prison) by RAC feat. Penguin Prison
3. Houdini (RAC Mix) by Foster The People
4. Overtime by Cash Cash
5. Enter Through The Sun by Young Empires
6. Midnight City by M83
7. Recover by CHVRCHES
8. Buzzcut Season by Lorde
9. (Everything is) Debatable by Hellogoodbye

***See my other post,  30 Minute Run Mix: run like a rock star, HERE***

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