Love & A Dog

Love & a Dog


Happy Friday quote! Reach out to the ones who you love today and who truly love you. And most importantly, don’t forget to feed yourself with self love, compassion, and kindness. All those curve balls and lemons that hit you over the head are just fluff, and fluff is fluffy. Unconditional love is such a glorious thing. That love from the ones who TRULY know and love you and that unconditional love from a dog (any pet really) sure are what can pull you through anything and just make your world a better place!

This past year I have had one of those interesting times in  life when it turns upside down and what you thought you knew and was real, is in fact all types of confusing. I have been grounding myself and focusing on my morals and values and what truly matters in life. Giving positive energy to what gives positive energy back to me, and practicing self love and kindness. You are with yourself the rest of your life, which means you can love and be there for yourself always! But others will do what they will do.

Recently, I learned that I have a choice in my decisions about what I do in my life when lemons are thrown, because I can control myself, my thoughts, and my actions. Others may try to bring you down or disappoint, but this choice that we have is a powerful one, and we can choose who to be around! All I need is my self love and of course my adorable dog who fills me up with beaming lights of love and happiness!

I choose my self love today and I choose my morals and values of kindness, giving back to others, compassion, and love, as a focus of my day. No one can take those values and morals from me, and I can find others who live in a similar way and who fill me with love as much as I put love out to the world!

Love & a Dog

Love & a Dog


P.S. Here is a link for some Self Love tips I came across!

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