Summer Style: Floral Romper and Floppy Fedora

Summer Style: Floral Romper and Floppy Fedora Forever 21 just made me SOOO HAPPY!!!! Seriously though, sometimes it’s a hit or miss and for me, usually a miss. But the other day I decided to venture out into the 4 floor Forever 21 on Newbury Street in Boston and lets just say it was a HUGE WIN! Just look at this adorable comfy ROMPER and HAT!

Summer Style: Floral Romper and Floppy Fedora Summer Style: Floral Romper and Floppy Fedora What I’m Wearing

*Forever 21 Romper
*Forever 21 Floppy Brim Raffia Fedora Hat 
*The necklace I purchased a few years ago from South Moon Under in Philadelphia, PA. The brand is called Rebel Designs 
*Ann Taylor Loft shoes which I purchased a few years back

Little Updates: Trip to Nicaragua

So….I have not posted in a week or so, and just wanted to update you all that I will be posting again soon! Warm weather is here (and doesn’t last very long in Boston) which means vacations, weddings, beach, etc. but I have not forgotten about you! I may be posting less frequently, but will be adding in some quick life updates to keep in touch!

The hubby had his last vacation week for the year before he enters into his third year (out of 6) as a plastic surgery resident at Harvard. We headed off to Nicaragua. Why Nicaragua? Well, we needed to escape from reality and just BE. Be with each other, no distractions, beach, yoga, sun, and all that good stuff.  It was AMAZING to say the least!!!

I had wanted to do a sneak peak of our trip before leaving, but just could not find the time. Anyways, here is one of my favorite pictures below which pretty much sums up a lot of things that I love: him…obviously, the beach, sun, ocean, sand, and seeing him surf for the first time (he always told me he could surf but after 5 years together I never saw him actually surf until now!)!

Little Updates


Also, seeing him healthy and active in this picture reminds me that even though during his surgical residency program, I can feel so far away from him while he deals with unfathomable exhaustion and excruciatingly long work hours, I will always have this picture to remind me that he always comes back. He is still that goofy, healthy man that I married no matter how much he is worked to the bone.

More pics, and our itinerary to come! As well as some other fun recipes and posts coming in the next few weeks!


Weekend Getaway: Brooklyn, New York

Weekend Getaway: Brooklyn New York

First of all, let me tell you, I have fallen IN LOVE with Williamsburg, Brooklyn!!!!!!! From the moment we entered this little town in Brooklyn we saw coffee shops, vintage stores, cobblestone streets, abnormally amazing graffiti, men with beyond good hair cuts, and I just could not wait to start walking around!

Last week I did a little sneak peek, check it our HERE! 

Click below for This Weeks full itinerary and pictures to find out what we did, who we saw, as well as some tips and tricks!

Weekend Getaway: Brooklyn New York


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Spring Inspired Styled Engagement Photoshoot: Style Me Pretty

Spring Inspired Styled Engagement Photo Shoot

Preparing for my own wedding opened a whole new door to a creative field I did not know existed, wedding styling! I love the idea of bringing a bohemian, vintage, creative flair to events or interiors. I asked one of my favorite Philadelphia based florists, Hana & Posy, and my wedding photographer, Amie Schroeder Photography & Cinema, to collaborate with me as I styled a mock engagement photo shoot in hopes it would be featured on a blog! Well, I was overjoyed when Style Me Pretty decided to feature us!!!!!

The photo shoot takes place in Philadelphia, PA, in a park near Kelly Drive and in the Azalea Garden. At one point the park turned into a dog playground and we were chased away into the Azalea Garden to finish the shoot.

Click HERE For the link to Style Me Pretty’s Post!!!! Find out the theme, how it came together, and see more pics:)

Spring Inspired Styled Engagement Photo Shoot


My styling background: My mother was an interior designer when I was young, so I grew up with her decorating, styling, and bringing things together! I always thought about going to school for interior design myself, but followed my passion for teaching instead. I struggled my whole life with a learning disability and was inspired to help others who learn in different ways. I taught elementary school for two years and was then laid off due to budget constraints across the city. I decided to take this chance and pursue my passion for styling and decorating. I landed my dream internship with THE BEST wedding planner/stylist company in Philadelphia, Styled Creative. I was hoping to stay on board and start a new career, then my husband matched for his residency in Boston. We had two months before moving, so I stopped interning and wanted all the time in the world to spend those last months with family, friends, and preparing to relocate. I styled this shoot during this time, and this was one of the best times in my entire life!


Spring Inspired Styled Engagement Photo Shoot



Spring Inspired Styled Engagement Photo Shoot

Sneak Peak Into Our Upcoming Brooklyn, NY Trip!

blog post The hubby has the whole weekend off, which is few and far between, so we are taking advantage of this time together and making a hipster pilgrimage to Brooklyn, NY! We are staying in a little area called, Williamsburg, known for its vintage vibe, flea markets, unique shopping, and cute restaurants.

BLog post

And here it goes…

1. Checking into a funky hotel (we found an amazing deal on called, King and Grove, in Williamsburg. Too bad it’s not summer yet because they have an outdoor pool, but we honestly wouldn’t be sitting by a pool during a quick weekend trip anyways (so I tell myself).

2. Friday night we’ll be stopping in for a quick taco at this Mexican Cantina, Mesa Coyoacan.

2. Then, later that night we will be heading to the Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Betty Who play live at a sold out concert!

3. Saturday, doing some flea market/antique shopping, picture taking, and wondering the streets!

…..check out this pic below for a map of the best shops to hit up in Williamsburg (GQ approved!)

Sneak Peak: Brooklyn NY Trip


4. Sunday, hitting up the much raved about Brooklyn Flea market to look for some furniture!


Full itinerary and pics to come soon!


Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market

Sowa VIntage Market

Sowa Market is a little slice of heaven! During the winter months, (which is now) just the indoor vintage market is opened but that is enough for me because it is less crowded and I can really get a good look at everything from a 90’s jean jacket to reading a love letter written over 60 years ago. When the warm weather starts rolling around, oh my oh my, this place is like another country. It is filled with food trucks, fresh veggies, home-baked goods, unique one of a kind foods, hand-made crafts…..and of course more amazing vintage vendors inside that travel all summer and stop right here in Boston!!!!!

The way to take on Sowa Market:
1. Make a day of it…because it WILL take all day.
2. Go to brunch beforehand in the South End but MAKE RESERVATIONS or you may have to wait for hours!!! Our fav spot is Gaslight brassiere, a beautiful french brassiere with the most authentic decor inside and scrumptious food. Just a block from Sowa!!!!
3. USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE GOING! Super important because the bathrooms are kinda inconvenient and there is always a line.

We did not take my own advice about making reservations, partly because this was a last-minute adventure with some amazing friends, but luckily we were still able to get a seat somewhere that actually has pajama brunch which is super cool but their food is only so so.

This is us eating so so food but thoroughly enjoying the company of amazing friends! And enjoying this day together (we rarely have days together due to his demanding job, so every second really counts)

Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market

More fun photos and information by clicking below!!!!!!!!

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