Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market

Sowa VIntage Market

Sowa Market is a little slice of heaven! During the winter months, (which is now) just the indoor vintage market is opened but that is enough for me because it is less crowded and I can really get a good look at everything from a 90’s jean jacket to reading a love letter written over 60 years ago. When the warm weather starts rolling around, oh my oh my, this place is like another country. It is filled with food trucks, fresh veggies, home-baked goods, unique one of a kind foods, hand-made crafts…..and of course more amazing vintage vendors inside that travel all summer and stop right here in Boston!!!!!

The way to take on Sowa Market:
1. Make a day of it…because it WILL take all day.
2. Go to brunch beforehand in the South End but MAKE RESERVATIONS or you may have to wait for hours!!! Our fav spot is Gaslight brassiere, a beautiful french brassiere with the most authentic decor inside and scrumptious food. Just a block from Sowa!!!!
3. USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE GOING! Super important because the bathrooms are kinda inconvenient and there is always a line.

We did not take my own advice about making reservations, partly because this was a last-minute adventure with some amazing friends, but luckily we were still able to get a seat somewhere that actually has pajama brunch which is super cool but their food is only so so.

This is us eating so so food but thoroughly enjoying the company of amazing friends! And enjoying this day together (we rarely have days together due to his demanding job, so every second really counts)

Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market

More fun photos and information by clicking below!!!!!!!!

Anyways small side note…..

Let me tell you what a rock star my husband Brady was…..
1. He spent all week working 5am to around 8/9pm shifts (yep, that’s not a spelling error, this is not a lie, this is correct information, which means that’s about a 16 hour day). Why does this happen you ask? Well because he is a surgical resident training to perform surgery on people like you and me so he was in the hospital sewing fingers back on, stitching peoples noses back together, and pretty much saving lives.

2. He sometimes works a day, and sometimes works more than a day which means he works without sleeping for over 24 hours straight (is this legal? Well actually they have some laws now in place but let’s not get into that). So he went to work Saturday at 5am and came home the next day, Sunday at 9am. That’s 24 hours plus 4 = HE WORKED 28 HOURS STRAIGHT WITH NO SLEEP!

3. He then slept till 12 = he slept 3 hours, because he wanted to spend the day with ME! Yes maybe he has some bags under his eyes and his hair looks a little cray cray and he may even be going grey at an abnormal age due to this lack of sleep but he is still my hottie and we spent precious moments together, moments we don’t have on a daily basis!!!!! And he is rocking some cute dimples in that photo above! 

Okay Dokay….so you must check out some amazing FINDS! 

1. Um hello 90’s jean jacket and where have you been all my life????Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market

Check out this picture below for the look I am going for, so rad! Pic from


2. Totally snagged these awesome finds below at my favorite shop there called, Find Gypsy. I love me some 80’s leopard print…..

Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market Vintage Adventure at Sowa Market

To top the day off, the temperature was in the 50’s!!!!! So we walked all over town and even got my hands on some Lavender Fiz Water!Vintage Adventure At Sowa Market
Sowa VIntage Market

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  2. I met you with your Mom (I live in the same bldg. in Phila) I love your site…It’s fresh, stylish, fun & spunky with lots of great recipes (even for the older generation) Love your creativity ! Sue (friend of your Mom)


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