Inspirational Quote of the Day: The Little Things

Inspirational Quote of The Day:Soooooo the snow keeps comin and that snowed in feeling won’t budge, ehh? I decided to acknowledge this feeling today but also prepare myself to enjoy all the little pleasures that life has just because I CAN!

I woke up and had the BEST grapefruit juice ever.

I took a few moments in my morning rush to truly appreciate my gorgeous cute pup.

I made small talk after saying hello and smiling to a random person about my dogs winter jacket and how funny it was!

I oogled over how amazing Pinterest is and that it allows me to have my own online recipe book to easily pull from.

I can choose how I look at today. It can be a snowed-in boring gloomy day where my husband comes home late from work and nothing is really happening. Or it can be a meaningful wondrous day of discoveries and inspirations! I decided to say to myself “yep it’s snowing again, well watcha gonna do about it?” Acknowledge and then let go, as I let myself genuinely appreciate the simple things and let them excite me! I am not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, I am simply living today, and thrilled about all those simple things like socks, and nail polish, grapefruit juice and Pinterest, and all these simple things rock!

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