Wisdom Wednesday: Talk about your joys!

Wisdom Wednesdays: talk about your joys!

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like we put a lot more energy into the negative, giving it power, then talking about the joys in our lives?  Of course we all have problems, some more than others, some a lot more than others. We can acknowledge our problems without allowing them to take over our mind and overshadow the joys. Easier said than done, I know. But can it be possible to let the joy be your speck of light that pulls you out of the dark tunnel? I think it is. We can look at the glass half full versus half empty. We can be resilient.

I googled the person who wrote this quote, Rita Schiano and she is a motivational speaker in my very own state of Massachusetts. She talks a lot about resiliency. Through her numerous books and workshops she helps  people develop and tap into the skills and attitudes necessary to help them overcome  barriers, build resilience, and live a flourishing life. I suppose one way she thinks about being resilient is to focus on the joys in life.

What Being Resilient Means to Me…

Don’t give up, push through and do what it takes to bounce back from any situation.

Acknowledge and then let go of situations and events that you can not change. Give yourself a break.

Know that you are stronger than you think you are.

Remember that time passes and feelings will pass too. Think about that saying,  “This too shall pass.”

 Happiness is a choice, choose it always. Do you want to live your life with a half empty glass or half full?

When you find yourself thinking and doing a lot of talking about those problems, sure you have to let it out sometimes, but then let in the joys. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to brag about the joys in your life. A joy in your life may be a joy in someone else’s life and you can share that joy together. A joy in your life may remind someone of the joy in their life. Talk about your joys to someone right now, this very second and help remind yourself and others what these joys in life are and what they can look like!

Below is a glimpse of some joy in mine…..Sunlight through the window, my gorgeous, loving, just like his mom dog who I swear I gave birth to and laugh about it everyday because I secretly wish it were true!

Share in the comment stream your joys, it may bring joy to someone else, you never know! The joys in my lifeWisdom Wednesdays: talk about your joys!

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