Display Your Jewelry in Style

Display Your Jewelry in Style

Displaying your jewelry can be fun and easy without breaking the bank! Using thrift store/flea market finds, dishes that you love, or even checking out stores like Marshalls and Home Goods are all great places to start! Check out how I display my jewelry and some places where you can find similar items!

Display Your Jewelry in Style

More pictures, ideas, and information below!

Display You Jewelry in Style This vintage letterpress tray hanging on the wall in the photo above  is one of my favorite items in our entire house! I found it at Sowa Vintage Market about a year ago. You can find more information about Sowa in my recent blog post  HERE!

Want one but don’t have time to shop? Check out:

1. BluebirdHeaven Etsy shop

2. RedneckFengShui Etsy shop

3. Or just search letterpress tray on Etsy!

Display Your Jewelry in Style

Think outside of the box. For example, this amazing deer hook from Anthropologie  looks like it is actually meant to hold a towel, bag, or jacket, right? Instantly, when I saw this hook with the antler I knew my necklaces had found there happy home!

Display Your Jewelry in Style

Display Your Jewelry in Style

Display Your Jewelry in Style

Have the perfect dish, cute little bowl, or random tea-cup from your Grandmother’s collection? Perfect! Use it to display your everyday items like your watch, bracelets or necklaces for fast, easy access. Or even the more fragile pieces you don’t want to fall or get tangled. Anthroplogie and West Elm always have cute dishes or fun pieces like the ones in these pictures that you can use to display your jewelry!

Display Your Jewelry in Style

My Grandmother gave me that beautiful gold jewelry box above which I keep her antique pins in. I love how it reminds me of her every time I see it.
Display Your Jewelry in Style

The rustic metal arrow is from Brooklyn Flea. I love how it adds spunk to the whole display! That object holding my hats is a mini dress form which my sister gave me. You can find very similar ones at Home Goods! Display Your Jewelry in Style

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