Wisdom Wednesday: Letting Things Go


Recently I have been feeling weighed down. Mainly from the thoughts within my head. I have a tendency to hold on to things and repeat them in my mind over and over without letting them go. Sometimes you just need a little reminder to let those things weighing you down go. They are heavy and if I am going to live my life to its fullest, I can’t be bogged down by something heavy holding me back.

Sometimes things are not ready to be let go of. But sometimes the letting go part is the most freeing! I let go through exercise, cooking, blogging, yoga, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes shopping…hehe!

Below are some links to other sources that give great ideas on helpful ways to let go……

* Marc and Angel Hack Life: 8 Effective Ways to Let GO and Move On

* tiny buddha: 40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain 

*Flow Living: Letting Go is Freed Om 

Some favorite parts from these readings… 

1. “What do you need to let go of in order to create more space in your life? In order for us to really feel free to pursue our dreams instead of putting it on the back burner, we need to clear our plate so that we can focus on things that matter.”

2. “Forgiveness of ourselves and of others and releasing any negative emotions we are feeling that is keeping us feeling down. Set an intention to just let it go. As you let go of all the emotional baggage, you will feel free.”

3. “Holding on is like believing that there’s only a past; letting go and moving on is knowing in your heart that there’s a bright future ahead.”

4. “Accept the truth and be thankful. – To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and helped you learn and grow. It’s the acceptance of everything you have, everything you once had, and the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s all about finding the strength to embrace life’s changes, to trust your intuition, to learn as you go, to realize that every experience has value, and to continue taking positive steps forward.”

5. “Live, let go, learn what you can and don’t waste energy worrying about the things you can’t change.”

Now these are just a few….there are so many more good points. Now it is time for not only me, but for you all to be inspired to let go and feel lighter!

Wisdom Wednesday: Taking chances

Wisdom Wednesday: Taking chances The older I get the faster life seems to go.  This life of mine, how quickly you have started to pass, each day, each year, each second. Did I take any small or big chances on a daily basis? Yes, a few,  but enough to write a really good chapter in a book…I wonder? I let fear hold me back. I make up stories in my mind about what could go wrong; am I going to be uncomfortable, will I look silly? There were so many moments and times I did not push myself to just go with the flow. It took experiencing my husband having such little time to realize how time truly matters, and with that time, taking chances makes it memorable and more precious than before.

I have decided to end these “stories” and stop allowing them to hold me back from actually living and making amazing memories. Time is going to keep passing and it is up to each of us to make that time meaningful and full of fun so that we can look back on life and say that we have truly lived. Each one of us is connected to this world and each one of you, them, her, him, everyone. Our chances inspire others to take chances, our chances lead to opportunities we never thought possible. Sometimes a chance my not be by choice but literally by chance, and those chances can become beautiful creatures in their own right.

We have been given this intricate, complex mind and the ability to think and take these chances; chances that are big like signing up for a marathon or helping end world hunger; or chances that are small like deciding to have dinner with friends versus eating on your sofa while watching TV in PJ’s. A chance could be picking up an instrument and getting to the point where you play at an open mic night, it could be submitting your poetry or artwork to a local event or online contest. It could be starting a blog, taking a spontaneous trip, or saying “hello” to a stranger.

There may not be a perfect moment for something and maybe it won’t be as great as you thought, but at least you took that chance. What do you want your legacy to be? Your life is like a book of stories, chapters, sentences, moods, characters. You have the chance to make it an interesting one. Don’t regret what you can choose. Take that chance today, go out of your comfort zone and just DO it!

Wisdom Wednesday: Be Beautiful Like Yourself

Words Of Wisdom

You are beautiful like yourself. Not like anyone else. Your beauty lies in who you are, your unique qualities, and your spirit.  Radiate this beauty from the inside out! For just that moment when you find yourself comparing your being to others, remember that you are truly beautiful, not like anyone else, you are beautiful just as YOU!

A friend of mine from work told me part of a poem the other day after  mentioning to him that I wanted to work on not comparing myself to others. It goes a lil something like this,

“You are quite the beauty. If no one has told you that before, know that right now. You are quite the beauty. There is joy in the way your mouth dances with your teeth. Your smile is a sign of how sacred your life truly is.”

Find the whole poem here:  “Closer” by Anis Mojgani

Wisdom Wednesday: Talk about your joys!

Wisdom Wednesdays: talk about your joys!

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like we put a lot more energy into the negative, giving it power, then talking about the joys in our lives?  Of course we all have problems, some more than others, some a lot more than others. We can acknowledge our problems without allowing them to take over our mind and overshadow the joys. Easier said than done, I know. But can it be possible to let the joy be your speck of light that pulls you out of the dark tunnel? I think it is. We can look at the glass half full versus half empty. We can be resilient.

I googled the person who wrote this quote, Rita Schiano and she is a motivational speaker in my very own state of Massachusetts. She talks a lot about resiliency. Through her numerous books and workshops she helps  people develop and tap into the skills and attitudes necessary to help them overcome  barriers, build resilience, and live a flourishing life. I suppose one way she thinks about being resilient is to focus on the joys in life.

What Being Resilient Means to Me…

Don’t give up, push through and do what it takes to bounce back from any situation.

Acknowledge and then let go of situations and events that you can not change. Give yourself a break.

Know that you are stronger than you think you are.

Remember that time passes and feelings will pass too. Think about that saying,  “This too shall pass.”

 Happiness is a choice, choose it always. Do you want to live your life with a half empty glass or half full?

When you find yourself thinking and doing a lot of talking about those problems, sure you have to let it out sometimes, but then let in the joys. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to brag about the joys in your life. A joy in your life may be a joy in someone else’s life and you can share that joy together. A joy in your life may remind someone of the joy in their life. Talk about your joys to someone right now, this very second and help remind yourself and others what these joys in life are and what they can look like!

Below is a glimpse of some joy in mine…..Sunlight through the window, my gorgeous, loving, just like his mom dog who I swear I gave birth to and laugh about it everyday because I secretly wish it were true!

Share in the comment stream your joys, it may bring joy to someone else, you never know! The joys in my lifeWisdom Wednesdays: talk about your joys!

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