Wisdom Wednesday: Letting Things Go


Recently I have been feeling weighed down. Mainly from the thoughts within my head. I have a tendency to hold on to things and repeat them in my mind over and over without letting them go. Sometimes you just need a little reminder to let those things weighing you down go. They are heavy and if I am going to live my life to its fullest, I can’t be bogged down by something heavy holding me back.

Sometimes things are not ready to be let go of. But sometimes the letting go part is the most freeing! I let go through exercise, cooking, blogging, yoga, and I hate to admit it, but sometimes shopping…hehe!

Below are some links to other sources that give great ideas on helpful ways to let go……

* Marc and Angel Hack Life: 8 Effective Ways to Let GO and Move On

* tiny buddha: 40 Ways to Let Go and Feel Less Pain 

*Flow Living: Letting Go is Freed Om 

Some favorite parts from these readings… 

1. “What do you need to let go of in order to create more space in your life? In order for us to really feel free to pursue our dreams instead of putting it on the back burner, we need to clear our plate so that we can focus on things that matter.”

2. “Forgiveness of ourselves and of others and releasing any negative emotions we are feeling that is keeping us feeling down. Set an intention to just let it go. As you let go of all the emotional baggage, you will feel free.”

3. “Holding on is like believing that there’s only a past; letting go and moving on is knowing in your heart that there’s a bright future ahead.”

4. “Accept the truth and be thankful. – To let go is to be thankful for the experiences that made you laugh, made you cry, and helped you learn and grow. It’s the acceptance of everything you have, everything you once had, and the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s all about finding the strength to embrace life’s changes, to trust your intuition, to learn as you go, to realize that every experience has value, and to continue taking positive steps forward.”

5. “Live, let go, learn what you can and don’t waste energy worrying about the things you can’t change.”

Now these are just a few….there are so many more good points. Now it is time for not only me, but for you all to be inspired to let go and feel lighter!

Tell me your thoughts!

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