30 Minute Run Mix: run like a rock star

30 minute Run Mix: I'll Run For Chocolate Sometimes I just want to head out and let the music tell me how long I’ve been running for, so, I made my 30 minute playlist to make sure that I was in fact, running for 30 minutes.  It’s always great when you are running as though you’re a rock star and no one else seems to know but you.  Also, the Boston Marathon is coming up in almost two months and people  keep asking for some more song suggestions to listen to while they train. Well trust me, these songs will put that pep right back into your step!

Okay so I lied, this playlist is actually 32 minutes to be exact, but, the last two minutes can be used as a cool down if so desired.

1. (Everything is) Debatable by Hellogoodbye 3:56
2. Blue Jeans (RAC Mix)  by Lana Del Rey, RAC 3.38
3. If You Didn’t See Me [Then You Weren’t On The Dancefloor] by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr 4:07
4. Silhouettes by Avicii 3.32
5. All Eyes On You by St. Lucia 4:28
6. 1901 by Phoenix 3:13
7. Help I’m Alive by Metric 4:46
8. Dancing On My Own by Robyn 4:46

Wanna actually hear the music for free on your own playlist? Download Spotify for free and search for the songs, then you can create your own playlist to have and hold forever. Or, you can also find me on Spotify (under Dani Sieber) and follow this playlist:)


Snow Day Living Room Workout

The temperature outside is in the mid 20s and oh so snowy! Of course I did not want to leave the house, but I did want to get in some cardio and tone up the bod! How to conduct a Snow Day Living Room Workout one might ask? Well, I pretended my stairs were the stair master machine at the gym, did some Plie Jacks, and put on a Tone it Up workout video!

My best friend introduced me to, Tone it Up, and I became obsessed right away! It was started by two inspirational gals named Katrina and Karena, who promote living a healthy and fit lifestyle. They have fitness plans, workout videos, nutrition plans, recipes and much more! They even have their own show right now on Bravo right now! I love how they incorporate multiple movements and muscle groups into one exercise, helping you tone up your body in no time! Learn more about them here.

Materials Needed:
* Stairs (if you don’t have stairs, use a jump rope, or be ready for some jumping jacks!)
* 5 and 8 pound weights (You could probably just use 5 or 8 pounds if you don’t have both)
* Computer or iPhone for video or print out the Print out the PDF file at the bottom of the page.

My routine….

1. Run up and down the stairs 10 times (counting going all the way down and all the way up as one set. I have 16 steps counting the top step). If you don’t have stairs, no need to worry, grab a jump rope or just yourself for some jumping jacks!!! Try to jump rope or do jumping jacks for 3-5 min.

2. Do 30 Plie Jumping Jacks:
*Have your feet in a wide stance
*Lower your body and make sure your knees are directly over your ankles
*Jump up like you are doing a jumping jack and come down into the starting positionPlie-Jacks

3. Grab some  5 and 8 pound weights.

4. Put on, Love Your Arms and Abs Tone it Up workout video from YouTube and tone that bod!

Printable Tone it Up directions: Love+Your+Body+Week+2+Abs+Arms+Printable

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